Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Proud moments...

Its always amazing when a mother can look upon her children and bask in the wonder of what God has given my case, God has a serious sense of humor...!!

Being only three, it is often hard for little Parker to be the one to invent the "funny idea" but in this particular instance, man...he did. Brian and I were sitting downstairs innocently conversating when we were visually violated by what looked like our son...but VERY VERY unrecognizable...!!

What makes a child think..."I wonder how much of my face I can jam into a thick rubber circle..." I will never know...I guess it would be the same thing that made me put a cup onto my face using suction, and then leaving it on to dance around the room making my friends laugh long enough to give myself a very fashionable purple hickey encircling my entire mouth...only, I was in High School, and in California for a national dance competition...but really....that was different...hahaha

Well, Oakley loved the commotion and laughter that was going on in Parker's behalf, and decided she would try it out...W O W....what can I say?? Our little Princess!!!

**NOTE** No children were harmed in the making of their brilliant ideas. All faces went back to their original shape and color!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Strike a Fierce Pose...

My children...they mean well, and I LOVE THEM for it...but oh heavens do they make me laugh sometimes!!

First up we have Oakley, who came beaming down the stairs saying "Look at my outfit!!" Oh honey...wait another ten years...we'll see what you say about your "outfit" then. But she was glowing and posing like a supermodel in all of her fact, with a face like that you wouldn't even notice the navy blue star patterned shorts underneath the solid sequenced silver and black halter leotard, the long "gloves" and the brown school shoes...not at all....!!! She is such a cutie...!!!

And here we have our fierce seven year old striking an intense static pose as one of the many Star Wars warriors that he is....

Doesn't he look so threatening??!!...just ignore the food on his face...(winks and smiles)

Little Parker is all about looking just as tough as his older brother....note the food all over HIS face as well...hehe

Last but not least, the baby...well, what can I say...he is just one of a kind...!! Sometimes when he is throwing a fit, the only way to "throw him off his game" is to do this:

For some reason it is instant smiles...HMMM...I just got an awesome idea for all of these Sundays until he is nursery age...just know that when you hear him laughing down the church hallways with his shirt over his is either that or screaming...!!

All in all, I have to say that I am a pretty lucky gal with some pretty entertaining kids....So basically, I have been blessed!!

**Looking at this later...I realize two things...I don't know how to put pictures up so that you can click to get the full size, and because of that, number two, you can't see the food real well on the boys' faces...just know it is**