Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That...

Isn't that what life feels like sometimes...for some reason I used to feel like I had time for it all!!  Lately...I feel like I catch a little bit of this, and a little bit of that...

So I thought I'd share :)

My kids are so sweet.  In my world...a dandelion is a flower ANY day of the week.  There is nothing more precious than me sweet kids saying "Mommy...HERE!!!"  Mostly my littles...Blazer and Romy, but even Parker will collect them for me :) I hope I never forget their bright excited faces, and I've enjoyed weeks of it ;)

On to traditions...we have a tradition that began with Carter, and is now trickling onto the younger boys.  The last day of school, he can pick ANY hairdo he chooses...He has chosen the same "doo" for the last couple of years, and frankly...I find it AWESOME.  He is usually a completely mellow, analytical, "observe everything" kind of a kid....but he had been growing his hair for months to get the PERFECT hawk for the last day of school!!  Last year we had to leave it for a few days because of a terrible burn he received on his poor head, and this year, I thought...what the heck...he can let it hang for a while...but Brian cracked come Sunday, and couldn't let him show up that way :)  He's always telling me to just let him sport it...but he cracked this time!! LOL

(OH...notice how Oakley is almost as tall?? P.S. She can steal my shoes now about scary!  And we wont even get into the pre-adolescent tude we're starting to see....ay yay yay!!!)

Well...the last bit of "bits" that I want to share is Fathers Day.  I'm not one for cliche fact...I do everything necessary to avoid them, or receive them...I don't know why.  I feel like if I give a "typical" gift on a "typical" holiday...then it doesn't mean anything...

 I broke my own rule.

I gave my husband a grill.

Our FIRST grill....well, that is unless you count the one that someone once gave us that never worked that we stored in our backyard for several years ;)

I'm sure you can see how this went over!!

The Main Attraction...

I'd say pretty well...maybe cliche isn't so bad?? 

It definitely worked out for me..."Happy Fathers Day!!!!! cook us dinner" ;)  Don't worry, I cooked most of it, but saved the fun grilling part for him...and even invited the fathers in town to was nice!
I guess the moral of the story is that if you put thought and heart into something...then it doesn't really matter what it is...the intention will be received...

Happy Sunday!!!