Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pennsylvania Trip

Well, we were in PA this month, and wanted to share just a little of our vacation with everyone. We went to see my grandparents, of whom I haven't been to in 15 years...sigh. They have come here, but it was so incredible to go and see where my roots are. SO MANY MADENFORDS!! Who woulda thought (many of them aren't living...but still!!)?? Well, things were probably mostly the same as when I had been there before, but I was taken away with the scenery and ambiance that Porters Township Tower City held. So quaint, so historical, and so like the movies. It was a dream I had once that I was re-living now. As a child, I remember the places, but I never paid attention to what was around me as I got there...that was the most amazing part. The "view"...

Well, it was amazing to see my grandparents, and my Aunt. They had it all planned. All the things they wanted us to see....the "Auction," the Amish made furniture store called Hornings, amazing!!, Hershey, which I had never been to before, the best seafood dinner I have had...maybe EVER!! Thanks Bob...yummmmm!!, and all the scenic driving...I loved that the most I think!! The icing on the cake was when I got to see fireflies!! It was supposed to be too cool for them, but they came out just for me!!

What a wonderful many memories....!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Family time

Well, we got out family pictures done!! YAY!! Thanks Cynthia!! As one of my friends would say....maybe I'll get them done again in another 15!! (pounds that is) Either way, I am glad that we have something current to put on our ever so spacious and empty walls of shame in our house. NOT ONE FAMILY PICURE exists on our walls...pathetic, I know!! And we've been here for four years too!! (flinch) Wow...I am bad!! Ah well, it's done now right??!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summer is Gone

Not only do we have to say goodbye to the water, but to the wonderful weather...Summer. We had a very nice summer. The big event was the Camping trip/First ever Lords-Walsh reunion. It had been talked about for years...reuniting and all...but nobody did anything till Brian got the great idea to set it up...NOW IT'S TRADITION!!! Sorry parents!! Well, not really!! All in all, I think everyone will admit to having an awesome time...there was rain, HUGE spiders and bugs of all favorite, lemme tell ya...water fights, fishing, and snagging, and hooking, and un hooking, and gutting, and filleting...thanks Papa!, MARSHMALLOWS...umm..hello??!!, dirt, poop (Blazer blew out everywhere), potty buckets (that's a whole other story), cooking, food, more food, too much food,

but most importantly.....there was family.

Goodbye water :(

Well, it has been another summer of fun on the water. We love it. Boating, family, food....and water!! This summer I finally got to go wakeboarding again...and if I hadn't just had the baby three months prior to getting in a suit, I might have posted a picture or two...can they photoshop chubby out of the picture??? Hmmmm...I'll research that the meantime, here are some of our fun times on the lake.....goodbye lake...goodbye water...sniff

Fashion is a statement... our house it seems to be....!!! My daughter is sporting a no-sew Tutu that my sister made!! I think it is the best tutu i have ever seen, and who better
to wear it than little miss Oakley??
And now for the serious business. Yes, we have addressed this issue in recent posts, but now...I don't know what to say...we may have a slight problem on our hands. I mean seriously, he puts some of America's top models to shame the way he poses...sigh...not to mention his impeccable taste in women's fashion!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Catnip??

Okay, have you EVER seen a cat with catnip?? They love the stuff, and it makes 'em a little...c-w-a-z-y!!
Okay, so I think Baby Einstein is like Catnip...for babies!! Just see for yourself!! They are mezmorized, and Blazer is goin nutso!! HAHAHAHA!!


I never thought having twins could be so fun!! Well, I guess he does go home every afternoon and on weekends...but hey, I am getting a little taste of it, and it is fun!! Bode and Blazer, the BB's, are cousins, and buddies!! They are only one month and a day apart, and they are sooooo cute!! I love watching Bode, and he has been doing so great here with all the kids, and the commotion!!

How could you get sick of this??

The big K!!

Well, it was off to school for the big kindergardner!! She was sooo excited too!! She even thought she should walk to the bus stop herself!! Of course, I didn't let her!! I wanted to be there to see her off!! Before we left, we took some pictures...she looks so old!! AAAHHH!!!

her doing "K" in sign language wow...little miss thang!!!

Then we told Parker that he was "in charge" of the two babies (Bode and Blazer, who were safely watching a baby einstein movie), so that we could walk a few houses down to the bus stop. I took a couple picures of her waiting for the bus...

Well, the bus wasn't coming, and after about 20 minutes, I remembered that last year the bus was 40 minutes late on the first I got a bit antsy. I told Oakley to hang out for a bit so that I could run home and check on things. When I got there, the babies were still watching their movie, and Parker exclaimed "I go poo-poos in the potty!!" This is a huge thing, since he hadn't done this since the start of potty training a week or so ago. So I praised him, but I was totally bumbed that I missed out!! Well, I told him that I would be right back, cause I needed to run back to take pictures of Oakley getting on the bus for her first day of school. I walked out the front door just in time to see the bus pulling out with my daughter already on it....