Thursday, October 23, 2008

Edward & Bella

Well...I thought I would unite our pictures as one...for that is what we are...a union of two spirits. He hasn't seen his Edward picture yet...but I think that he will dig it!! Even though he has no idea what the heck is going on!! All I know, is that we make one hot Edward and Bella!! Its all for fun though, and we can all live in a fantasy world...or is it??

He is My Edward...

Now what husband would pose for a character his wife dreams of at night, whom he cant seem to live up to, in a book he's never read?? DUDE...mine did! Of course, Brian is my Edward, so he will live up to him and then some!! He was so cute cute though posing...I was tryin' to explain to him the character, and how serious Edward is, and how he has this...smirk. Well, I think this is a pretty close "serious smirk," and my Brian is such a guy for lettin' me mess with him!! Here's the latest Cullen...and my partner forever and ever, infinity, and more....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Cullen Test

So I took the quiz (see below, and try it out yourself..thanks Melissa!!) and I am not Bella after all, I am Alice!! This is what it said about me...

You are intelligent, outgoing & stylish. A true girly girl, you love shopping & makeovers.
Although you are a generous friend, you can be coy, tricky & very persuasive in order to
get your way. You are known to zone out occasionally during conversations, but your
friends forgive you because you are understanding, supportive & know how to throw one
heck of a party!

Well, I am definitely not disappointed, although the Alice in my head looks different...of course...but she is cute and quirky, and actually one of my favorite characters...other than the obvious!!

I'm a Alice! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

A New Cullen!!

Hey everyone!! This is my sister-in-Law (for reals and for fun!!) Melissa Rosalie Cullen!! Isn't she just gorgeous??!! I think so. Her transformation was complete last night. We are so happy to have her in the family!! Who will be next??!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Dante!!

I wanted to show off my little nephew that is staying here for the next couple weeks...SO CUTE!! Had to take pictures. His name is Dante Bradford Harold Marker...Wew! He was born on Sept 18th, and he is such a great baby! Love you sis!! You are so good with him, and I wish you were here always!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I became a Cullen!!

Okay...If you haven't read Twilight, don't worry, you still have plenty of time before the movie comes out!!! I love these novels...I don't recall a time when I felt the way I do about a book!! I finally understand the whole Star Wars obsession!!! I have never wanted to see a movie more in my life...I only hope it doesn't crush all my hopes and dreams by not being what I...and lets face it...what everone expects!!! It has a whole lot to live up to!! Well...this picture is my ODE to Twilight...I am now...

Tamra Bella Cullen...Brian just doesn't know it yet (winks)!!!
P.S. You can click on pictures to make them see more my ocher eyes...
**OKAY...I have had several people ask me how I did this...Well, sheer talent baby...but I wont hide it under a bushel any, I will make you all into Cullens! Just email me a headshot ( , and I will transform you!! Lets just hope that the Volturri dont get wind of my scheme...(winks)**

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Work-out Routine!! isn't halloween. Just another day at the gym!! Come on!! This is how we work out at the YMCA!!! Maybe you should go more often!! Just think, you can get an 80's workout in...and then I'll show ya how to stretch!!! Ooooh ya!!
Well, fine, we had a lauch for some of the classes, and did an 80's theme!! I think my co-workers and I pull it off a little too well!! But it is all for fun!! Well...make sure you go to the never know who you will find...and in what decade!!

Birthday Girl

Well...I did it again...had a birthday. I guess I really didn't "do" it persay...but hey...I survived it right??!! Well, I am stinkin 27 now...and in my books...that is 30. Cause you hafta round up once you get to 27..right?? Well, I guess it will give me a few years to brace myself for 30...sigh!!

Well, Brian made it special for me. He brought me flowers...awww(I know), and then took me out with some friends to the Cheesecake factory. Yummy!!

He also got me tickets to something I have always wanted to see...Lord of the Dance!! Wonder if the other ticket's for him....hmmm....anyway...the next day he baked me a of my favorites!! Chocolate, with my mom's chocolate frosting, and an obsurd amount of sprinkles...not because my kids helped, but because that is HOW I ROLL!!! Thanks baby!!

It was a fun time...hopefully it wont come next year??

Blonde Pocket!!

Well, I coined a new phrase for Jim Gaffigan..."Blonde pocket!!" Cause I made a fool of myself in front of him...but hey...nothin new there!! A daily occurance!! We were taking pictures with him, and I just couldn't help but act like a moron...I was serious though...I looked then I made a noise...that resembled somthing of a squeal...and said..."wait!! I wasn't looking..." Well, at least I made a comedian laugh, and then he proceeded to make fun of my "noise" that I gaped out of my mouth. But hey...we got a picture!! Say "Hot Pocket" Oh, for you out there who have NO IDEA who Jim Gaffigan you go...he is really clean...and way funny!! Enjoy the Hot Pocket experience!!!! (Dont worry, it's only like 4 minutes) He added some new material to the show he did here!!