Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Girl

Well...I did it again...had a birthday. I guess I really didn't "do" it persay...but hey...I survived it right??!! Well, I am stinkin 27 now...and in my books...that is 30. Cause you hafta round up once you get to 27..right?? Well, I guess it will give me a few years to brace myself for 30...sigh!!

Well, Brian made it special for me. He brought me flowers...awww(I know), and then took me out with some friends to the Cheesecake factory. Yummy!!

He also got me tickets to something I have always wanted to see...Lord of the Dance!! Wonder if the other ticket's for him....hmmm....anyway...the next day he baked me a of my favorites!! Chocolate, with my mom's chocolate frosting, and an obsurd amount of sprinkles...not because my kids helped, but because that is HOW I ROLL!!! Thanks baby!!

It was a fun time...hopefully it wont come next year??


Thatcher Family said...

Darn...missed your bday again. Sorry! Glad to see you had a good one though! Happy belated!

lovedkat said...

Happy birthday...glad to see you had a great time after all...i thought you were sick? hmm..yum cheesecake

Deborah Austin said...

Happy Birthday!!! I turned 27 this year too and oh man it does feel old, you look so great for 27 though you would never guess. It sounds like Brian made it special for you that is awesome.

We really need to get together soon!!!

cynthi said...

So here I am sick as a dog and look at you girl, having so much fun! I'm jealous. But I'm glad you had such a great b-day.