Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, you don't have to pout about it...

Actually.....I do! I am entering my first photo into I ♥ faces, and the theme this week is kids pouting. I decided not to try and have one of my kids fake a pose, but to catch one in action...surely, I would find a child pouting throughout the day...and I did!! This is little Blazer, and in doing this, I realized how hard it actually is to get them just at the right time, as to not get a "crying" picture. is my little pouter...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Broke....

Well...sorry for the "no show" lately...I have been spending my spring break NON-BREAKING!! I am in charge of the YMCA Dance camp...which consists of 30 screaming girls for about six hours a day!! Needless to say...I am POOPED when I get home...BUT, I have enjoyed it, and if I can find some time, I will take some pictures of the girls...!!! Until this week is over though...please don't feel neglected...I will comment ya all over the place when this is all over!!!!

Myth Busters...

Okay, so really...What do you get when you mix bubblegum, a certain three-year-old, and peanut butter??

No explanations needed I'm sure...

What a nice Auntie...

This kid has the BEST faces!!! case you were wondering...Peanut Butter REALLY DOES take out gum from hair!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bada bing...Bada BOOM!!!

I got tagged a while ago, and am just now getting to it...ya, I know...figures right??!! Well, it was my AWESOME friend Cynthia who tagged me with this photo tag, and I thought what a fun idea...but then I thought "Oh crap...what freakish picture of me is going to be plastered all over the web??!!" Well part of my procrastination is because of COURSE the freakish picture was of ME!!! and I am HUGE!!! DANG IT!!! Sigh....Oh was for a good cause right??

Well, here are the fabulous rules:

1. Go to your documents/pictures

2. Go to your 6th file

3. Go to your 6th picture

4. Post it, and blog about it

5. Tag 6 people to do the same

6. Name your picture...I added this since there

is no official 6th rule...and since this is the

whole 6 theme...I thought it would be necessary
"Bada bing.....bada BOOM!!"
So, I am pregnant...!! Wow...betcha couldn't figure that one out. This was with Blazer, (the youngest) and man, I got SO big!! I think this is about two or three weeks before I actually delivered. He even made it one day worse by being late...darn little cutie...!!! I guess looking at that picture though, it is no wonder things haven't exactly gotten back to their original form...nor will they ever...unless we become rich and famous and I can surgically put it all back, and even then, it will be half fake, so it doesn't really count anyways...
Moral of the story is: BRB....Babies Ruin Bodies...(and you thought it meant "Be right Back"...psh)
Okay, just kidding, really...if you have never been pregnant, it is the most amazing, and amazingly uncomfortable thing you will go through, and if you have been pregnant, and given birth to a beautiful healthy know how really worth it, it is...
Okay, so I am not sure who has been tagged, and who hasn't, but I tag...Melissa, Deborah, Rose, Robin, Alana, and Trina!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fix it...Missed it??

Well, who knows...I don't. There is this new site that I have been checkin out, and I decided to have a try at one of their little projects. It is called Fix-it Fridays. It isn't Friday, and I may have missed it, but it isn't a contest anyhow, it is just for fun. Basically, they choose a photo, and want to know what people do to, here is what I did...

Okay, here is the origional photo:

And here are the different things I did with it
using my favorite program as of now...Microsoft Picture It!

I do have to say that I enjoy playing with pictures as well as taking them. It is amazing where a little creativity can take you...anyways, hope you enjoy the picture of a random "cutie-pie"...

Which one is your favorite??

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toilet Wars and Slurpies...

For once, this post isn't directly related to the disastrous three year old....!! Can you believe it?? It is his co-conspirator that is beginning to drive me to that place we don't say out loud around the innocent children...sigh....

Well, I don't know WHY, but this goes back to my previous, and unanswered question... "How is it possible that the only time a baby puts their arms in a toilet, is when it isn't flushed??!! " I do NOT understand my baby's obsession with the toilet!! Can I just tell you how hard it is with up to 8 people living in the house (my sissy stays here for a week or so, every other week or so...) to make sure the bathroom door is closed EVERY single TIME someone frequents it???!!! Well, I guess it IS becoming easier due to this child's laser senses and built in homing device to the white throne of death and stench, because...

Any time he gets the chance, he First: puts anything and EVERYTHING he can get his hands onto, and dumps it into the toilet, for example, he is steadfast about emptying our trashes...the cutie boy...INTO THE TOILET, or putting our games away for us...INTO THE TOILET (goodbye were good to us...Yahtzee was our "reading material" in our bathroom...!!! LOL) THEN: once all items are in said toilet, and thoroughly saturated he thinks..."HEY, THAT LOOKS delicious!!! " And proceeds to take such items OUT of the toilet to SLURP (yes, that is ACTUALLY the sound he makes...) the succulent juices out of the PILE of toilet paper he so frivolously wasted into the toilet. Finally: the flinging frenzy begins, he flings all the cool slimy goop everywhere...!!

Ta Da!!!!

Check out the toilet juices on the floor...YUM....!!!

And yet another incident...Note the toilet paper...NOT in the toilet...see next picture...

f L i N g....!!!!

He really does get SOOOO upset when he is caught. He just doesn't understand why mommy doesn't let him finish his snack...

And don't you worry...I ALWAYS clean up the mess....

I am just not sure what is really worse...going to the doctor on several more than one occasion to have items taken out of Parker's nose...cause he had the Nose obsession...EVERYTHING got jammed up there...!!! ????? Don't ask...cause really...I have NO idea...but I do have several tiny Ziplocks full of random objects with his age detailed on the front, to put in his baby box, or possibly for blackmail at a later age...haven't decided...LOL

or is this nasty toilet fixation worse...????

Maybe you can answer this stupefying question....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tell Me 'Bout It!! you are probably wondering....WHERE HAS SHE BEEN ALL WEEKEND??!!! Okay....fine...maybe not, but I'm gonna "tell ya 'bout it" ANYHOW!!!

I was in grand ol' Pocatello Idaho, for Idaho State Championships Dance competition! "Tell Me 'Bout It" (my first song on my play list) was one of the songs we danced to....and my teams all did EXCELLENT!! I am so proud of them! We took first in EVERY EVENT!!! This qualifies them to compete at Nationals this May in Lagoon Amusement Park in Northern Utah! Hooray!! This is something they work for each year, and I am so glad to say that we made it again!

OF COURSE, we HAD to forgot our camera, which I was WAY bumbed about, so I sent Brian off to the store to find a non disposable, not expensive camera that we could use for the weekend....He found one on clearance for $100, and thought, hey, that isn't bad for an 8 mega pixel!! Come to find out, it was the last one, and when he was looking at it, the girl there told him that she would give it to him for $46 since it was the floor model!! WOO HOO!! So we made out...!! ONLY problem was once he started taking pictures, he realized that without a memory card, we were limited to only 9 pictures!! LAME....and with very limited time due to competing, he couldn't go running off to the store again, so we gots what we gots....but least we have SOME...right??!! Here are a few of the moments that we captured...

Oakley girl with one of her little buds!!

Showin' off her sa-weet medal!

"Glitter-fying" all the little girls!!!

(and making a weird face...)

Shakin' it on stage!!

You didn't think I would quit performing did ya??!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hairy Situation...

Well, my baby was starting to sport something between a "Shaggy" from Scooby Doo, and a real time hillbilly mullet. We cannot be havin no "business in the front, party in the back" doo going on....SOOO, it was haircut time!!

So handsome!!

Mom...seriously, I am not into this...
He looks SO impressed....doesn't he??

Well, he did really good considering he was 11 months old at the time! When he was done, I set him down on the floor so that I could get the clippers arranged for his brother, and as I look down, I realize that he is EATING the fresh EW....BUT, being the AWESOME mother I am, I take a picture of him eating this BEFORE I take him out of this hairy Situation!!

Uh oh....GROSS!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret...

Okay, so it may not be dirty, but I have a SERIOUS PROBLEM!! I just cannot seem to do it on my own, and I am seeking the help of a willing victim...this has creeped up on me, and now is so overwhelming that I just cannot look at it...but I have to!! I don't sleep well in a messy or cluttery room, so you can imagine how tired I must be!! I can vacuum daily, scrub my bathrooms, do the dishes, etc etc etc....but I just CANNOT seem to get my laundry folded and put away...!!

So I have a plan...I will scrub EVERY bathroom in your house as a trade for folding my CLEAN laundry....!!! But, beware...this is what it looks like as of right now!!!

I know, scary, I am "airing my dirty laundry" for the whole world to see.....what can I say??? I have become desperate...!!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

My baby is GONE!!!

Well, I think Birthdays are kinda time sensitive, so I better get this posted before TOO long right?? Yes, Blazer turned one....(cries). I was so dreading it the day before too!! If you don't already know, I mourn the passing of years. Some people are so excited about their children learning and growing, and I am just so scared that I will wake up one day 84 years old, and when that will I even remember a fraction of these completely short little minuscule years....???!!! Well, whether I like it or not, it has to happen, so I pulled myself together and was a happy mom for his birthday (it also helped when a friend told me that she cries every time her babies turn two...cause they REALLY aren't babies then...So, I have one more year...right??!!)

When sweety boy got up, Oakley, Parker and I went in and sang him "Happy Birthday". He was so excited, and was just dancing in his crib, so we sang it twice more...!! It was also a very special day cause LaLa was comin' to visit!! So we picked her up from the airport, and after all the craziness of the after school mayhem, we baked a cute cake....Lemon Twinkie Cake...YUMMMM...!! And then had a little birthday party fit for a little guy...

Here is a glimpse of our little event....

Wow...For me??!!

Um...I am supposed to...What now???

So....I think I'll just eat it...will that put it out???

This is some GOOD stuff!


Ripping things...YAY!!!

Lala Helping!

Well, when he was gettin full (or SOME-THING) maybe a little sugar loaded, he decided to do this (sorry about the sideways is right-side-up on my program!!!):

This one is of his silliness opening presents...!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Untold Stories...

Okay, first of all....HOLY CRAP!! Over 1,000 peoples have checked my blog out since last month when I put the little counter thingy on....COOL....and now, back to the post....

Well..I swear, I am getting SOO way behind on my posting, and it is all due to the vast amount of pictures......if I didn't get SOOO behind on pictures....UGH!!!! I take a picture thinking, this will be great to blog thing I know, my memory card is full and I have 165 pictures and 6 videos to sort through. All I can say is get ready, cause I am gonna have some serious stuff to be posting, such as.....

Baby's first haircut....GROSS...what???
The Toilet obsession, better or worse than the nose obsession...??? Next episode....Goodbye Yahtzee...
Blazer walked AND turned ONE all on the same day....I am DYING over it....HELP!!!
The crazy toe breaking walk....uh huh, you wanna know, I can feel it...
MY LATEST PROJECT!!! It is SOOOO way cool, I am even proud of MYSELF!!
Bubblegum...Cupcakes...Peanut Butter....Three year figure it out....
The "Cocoa in the Pantry" incident....

and SOOO much more....stay tuned!!!

Okay people...

So, this is in regards to paying it forward. It seems as though the rules aren't exactly easy to you hafta be the first three people to comment, BUT YOU HAVE TO POST IT ON YOUR BLOG AND COMMENT ME BACK WITH THE LINK!!! SOOOOOOOO I am still looking for the other two winners....


I am SO not a loser....

Woooohoooo! I got an award! This is my first one, given to me by R Susanna from sticky stuff on the floor.

Here are the rules for this one: List 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 people...tagging them and letting them know they won! You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboard letting the whole wide world you are KReATIV!
OK.......Hummmm........ Seven things that I love........

1. My hubby and four kids....awwwwwww

2. I loooooooovvvvvveeeeee shoes and purses!!!....and more shoes...and more purses....

3. I love attempting new projects and having them come out SOOO cool...(post soon to come...soo excited!!)

4. I love snowboarding, in fact, my license plate will soon say

5. I love blogging...and reading about all the people I follow

6. I love to, really dance....

7. I love making someones feels so rewarding!!

Now here's who I will pass this on to :

1. know who you are....HAHAHA

2. That Girl in Brazil...!!!

3. Cynthi

4. Jenna

5. Trina

6. Nicole and all of her "Sanity"

7. Sassypants Wifey

Now if ya don't read this...then you won't even know that you WON!!! So...congrats if ya figure it out!!