Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Bringin' Sexy Back....Yea!

I am here to tell you about a brand new product on the market!! It is completely natural, and will give you that Botoxed look and lip injections that you have always dreamed of. Here is all you need:

1. Go outside

2. Stay there for hours

3. Be sure NOT to put on any harmful sunblocks or chapsticks that could inhibit this natural process

4. Now, enjoy your results. Your skin will be so tight and tawt, not to mention the beautifully plumped lips you have been hoping for....

Yes, I am completely aware of the undeniable beauty of this photo....

WARNING: this product has been tested on animals, may cause first and second degree burns and blisters, will cause severe redness of affected areas, will cause peeling of the involved skin, and will hurt for days. All desired effects will wear off when redness does, and you will be left with sun damage, and deeper wrinkles. Not recommended for children or adults. To be used at your own risk.

Okay, time for one of those humbling moments where no matter how hard you photoshop, you just cant make ugly pretty...!! Oh the tragedy!

Well, I am sure you cannot imagine HOW this happened, but it surely was NOT intentional....and even though I do have a glowing tan on my face, it looks a little weird compared to my all white body...sigh..bring on the tanning creams...!! (now this IS something that I can give you real tips on...I have tried it all, and found the combination that wont streak, but WILL give you all that color....sweet!)

P.S. Just a little side note...Don't worry, I am feeling great! This was a month or so ago when I was snowboarding. I am fine now...could do without the fabulous sunglasses lines though...that is a lovely touch...!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dog-gone It....

Okay, I originally decided to whip out the video camera because Blazer was being so darn cute and excited with our neighbor's dog...but turned outright hilarious...hahaha...maybe it's just me, but I laugh every time I see it...or, it could just be that I am bias, and possibly a quarter-part dense...!!! All I know is that this 9 seconds lasted more like 54 seconds...after I watched it like...what is that....6 times??

This post is dedicated to Buddy...the monophobic dog with the crazy back-leg spastic run, homing mechanism (which has been turned off...likely because of food), and emotional are missed....and replaced...but would be taken back...if you came back...but you haven't...soooooo....hmmmmm....bye??

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Alligator Bunny...

Okay, so Easter was a week ago, so what....I am all sorts of a mess lately...!! Life is busy hectic as ever, and it is so hard to find time to sit and blog about this crazy life I fact...people are even losing interest, I mean...who "un-follows" someone...I must be really THAT BAD!! But, this is MY life, and MY journal, and I do it for ME...and for those who DO actually want to read it..!!! back to Easter...where all fun begins. Flowers and Daisies, Fury little animals....ya...that would be in an ideal world. Mine started on Saturday. We were invited to a friends to have an Easter Egg hunt and BBQ. Carter had a game at noon, and I wanted to get some Easter eggs dyed before we went there by 3:30. Oh, right...didn't have plastic eggs, and needed to bring chips and whatnot to BBQ, so throw Walmart in to the mess....!! Well, we finally got to the egg dying part about 2:30, and it was rather a rush job...sorry kids...and then it was a mad dash to get ready and out the door. In a matter of fifteen minutes, my sweet little baby of a guy manages to annihilate all three bathrooms getting into the toilets, which means I get to wash him and change him numerous times....meanwhile, I cannot for the life of me find Parker's pants. The kid won't wear pants. It is just how he rolls...but in public...I gotta draw a line somewhere...

Needless to say, we were late. On the way, I realize that I had managed to get some plastic eggs for the hunt, and NOTHING to put in them....brilliant, again. I call Brian who is on his way there from work, and ask him to pick up a bag or two of little Easter candies to put in the said eggs. The sweet man shows up with a GROCERY bag full of gas station candy...!! WHAT??!! Not Easter candy, but he did get little ones that would fit in eggs...which we already filled because there was plenty to we are left with almost $20 worth of gas station candy...delightful!! Ah well, he did stop for me, I was just a little...puzzled by the bit...

We had a splendiful time with friends and got our kids home at a decent hour so that the Easter Bunny could frequent our humble-like abode. We wanted to make sure that they had no chance for catching the Easter Bunny in the act, so we waited until like midnight. I went out to get the stash and bring it in, and this is what one of the chocolate Bunnies looked like:

CRAP!! I SOOOO was not going out at midnight....the night before Easter to hunt down ONE bunny...OH, and my bunny was broken to pieces as well....but, I wasn't gonna go round town for that see, a certain "Rabbit" left some certain "Easter candy" in a certain "car of ours" for maybe two weeks. During that time he had thrown snowboarding gear and who knows what else on top of it...not to mention, it gets rather WARM in the car...wait...did I say HE??? I meant "The RABBIT" of course...

Well, we tried to decide who would cry the least, and who we could convince that this alien of a bunny creature was cool....PARKER...!!! Who else??!! He was SURE to have a sense of humor...right??!!

The next morning the kids got up to search for their baskets of joyness, and once they were all found, he didn't even notice right away...he had his hands full of peeps of happiness.

Then one of the other kids exclaimed how much they loved their big chocolate bunny....(insert tense panic here)...Parker takes his bunny out, and begins examining it. All the while the other kids are saying...."I got a bunny too!!" "Ya!!! We got chocolate bunnies!!"....

He looks at his and says... " I got a ......Alligator.....Bunny....." "!!!!"

With no time to lose, I quickly reply "NO WAY...You got an alligator bunny??? I wanna see!!"
"How cool is that??!! I love your alligator bunny"

PHEW....he shows off his unique prize to the others, and all is well in the Lords house...

That is really what Easter is all about....happiness...and chocolate bunnies that taste the same no matter how deformed they look!!

Okay, that is not the really real reason, but it sure made my day when my three year old was just so excited for his treasure. Jesus Christ has sacrificed much, and we get to see the blessings of it. I am not sure why sometimes that I am blessed the way I am, but I do know that I appreciate them and hope to understand some day...

A contest made for me..!!

Okay, I think this one is funny. The contest rules state that it has to be a picture of you, that you took, that you held the tripods or timers aloud basically! Well, to tell ya the truth, pretty much any picture of JUST taken by JUST ME. I am camera shy...I feel stupid when other people take my, if it turns out bad...well, I can just blame it on myself...!!

Here is my entry for this week's contest over at I ♥ faces....

Oh...go and check out all the other entries...there are some great ones....I ♥ faces

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goodbye My Love...

Well, the season is over, and my new found love is gone...!! (No...not you Rob Pattinson...never you...) I have to say that I will never think of winter the same again...and once I do, I am telling you RIGHT NOW...I will become a snow bird.

I have always been bumbed about winter...I love the snow, but we never really get enough to be stoked about, so it is cold, gloomy, and just ugly...sometimes it's white, but soon after slop. My years seems to go...SUMMER!!!blahblahblahblahblah SUMMER!!!blahblahblahblahblahblahSUMMER!!!...and that is how each year felt like...summer and then nine months of waiting for summer!!! Now, I can enjoy a completely other spectrum of our world...WINTER!! So now my years will go: SUMMER!!.....WINTER!!....SUMMER!!!...WINTER!!!...and on, and on, and on, until I am too old to snowboard or wake board in which case I will rent a condo in Phoenix close to my other family, and reside there for the cruddy months! I love my plan...

I do have to say that I am proud of myself. I went up the first day, feeling confident as anything because I could wake board, only to body slam myself into the icy snow injuring my tailbone...well, cracking it more like...but I spent the remainder part of the day quite literally torturing myself. Then, when I still couldn't really do it, I thought..."OH HECK NO" and decided to go again....and again....and again....and again, each time mangling my body in different snowplowed ways.... I have some weird mental thing ...I just CANNOT allow myself to NOT figure something out. In the end though...I have to say that I can consider myself a pretty decent boarder....borderline great in fact!! I definitely put my time, effort, and suffered my fair share of bruises and whatnots for it though...!!

Anyhow, here are some pictures from the season as a send off...
My First View of Bogus...!! There was an inversion...a masterpiece of heaven!!
(picture courtesy of Cynthia Peterson...since I forgot my camera on this sacred event!!)
What the inversion did to the trees...Absolutely amazing to see!!
Again...thanks Cynthi!!

Two hot Snow bunnies!!

Me and my sis!!

See that mountain over there??
One of these days we're gonna ride that Mountain...


Dentyne Ice Add Right here!!

Cwazy girls!!

Ummmm....not sure...!! He He

Did I mention...Cwazy?? normal'd think we were three-year-olds!!

Check out our...goggles??

One of my High School Buddies...Hittin the slopes!!

And finally...none other than myself...okay, so would have been cooler had my sister figured out the ZOOM BUTTON!! Sorry for the tiny dot until the last second...ah well...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow my mom would say...

Okay, I know that all of you have been asking about Brian, and what the heck happened for him to cause himself such an injury...well, I am here to tell you a little story...about a man and his love of adventure....

Once upon a time, there was a Brian who loved to snowboard. He was pretty good too...he could carve, jump, and do tricks. One day on a very foggy snowy morning, he was out with his wife and her sister snowboarding. He decided to go to the "playground" where there were even more jumps, and rails, and BIG things to play on...!!! This was not a good idea because one of the jumps was pretty icy. Tamra and Tara were on the run up above the playground, which Brian was supposed to go on as well. We were watching and laughing as he went on a few different things, and was showing his "skills". Then he went on the big jump, and fell...we laughed again, but he did not get up. We called his name several times, and no answer...panicked, we boarded down to his run. I couldn't get right to him, I had to go all the way around the jump...which was as tall as Brian. By the time I got to him probably minutes later...he was still unconscious. He was moaning...and I was scared sick. All of the sudden he shot up, and looked dazed and confused. I immediately told him to lay back down fearing not only head injuries, but possibly back and neck injuries as well. He did not comply. So I began ordering him to do so...stubborn as he is...he would not. Soon he is grabbing at his shoulder saying that it hurts pretty bad, but that he will be fine to go down the mountain....UM, were unconscious for are NOT going ANYWHERE!!! This is about the time that the obscenities began leaving my mouth...I had NO OTHER CHOICE. He would NOT comply...he looked at me and told me to stop freaking out. Here I am looking at my husband who was knocked unconscious for way too long...and is hurt, and is also now complaining of nausea, is yawning, and is lightheaded, but wants me to STOP freaking out so that he can just ride down the mountain?? NUH UH....forget it. This is about the time that Tamra begins forcefully threatening and demanding a divorce if he dares to get up and go down the mountain...(you see, i didn't care if I had to re-marry the guy, he was NOT getting up, or going anywhere) Luckily the shoulder pain grew so immense that he about passed out once more, forcing him to lay down.

The ski patrol got to him, accessed his injuries, and took him down via ambulance to the nearest ER. Thankfully, after a head CT was done, he did not have a serious brain injury that we feared. He did however have a badly broken clavicle (collar bone). Here is what it looks like even a week after the accident:

GROSS HUH!!! (Looks like we had a party with yellow-green paint...owie!!!)

All in all, I have never been so incredibly scared that I was sick to my stomach, and couldn't even cry. It was the worst feeling to come up to my husband who was unconscious, and had been for so long. I am SOOOO thankful that he will be okay. He is in SOO MUCH PAIN, but it will heal. I feared much worse injuries.

Moral of the story is...If you want to show off for your it by cleaning the dishes...much more effective, and there are minimal risks involved...!!

...okay, so I am a little bit flattered that he still tries to impress me....!!

Please note...this is a very condensed version...for the extended version, and supercharged emotion, talk to one of us in person...It was the most insane thing EITHER of us have gone though!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Night Hangover...

Okay...have you ever drank yourself to puking, or nauseated enough to do so??? UGH...Well, I just did...

You see, I decided to have some buffalo wings for dinner...with extra sauce...this sauce was seriously SOOO spicy...ouch! So, I downed an entire glass of milk...oh crap...not working, must drink more...Boom, there goes glass number two. I am seriously so full after these two twelve ounce glasses of milk that I actually contemplated the bulimic route...It was sooooo uncomfortable...and I only ate like five or six little wings...sigh!!! Well, I opted out of that due to the hotness coming back with nasty fury, and now I am just suffering it out. How on earth those guys in high school could tank the gallon challenge...(one hour, one gallon of milk, whole puking aloud...) is beyond me. I am bogged down by my 24 ounces....!

Anyone need some cheese curds??? That's probably what they will be by morning....GROAN....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

DId I tell you that I LOVE surprises??

I had the HARDEST week during spring break...It definitely was intense and draining. I taught a dance camp which entailed me being there about 5-6 hours dancing with 30 girls for the full five day break...!! Whew!!! By the end I was so exhausted, and I came home that last day to an awesome surprise!!!

A Package...!!

You see, I won this contest...put on by Carebear at Two under Two. Whew! and it was for a gift "sometime" in the next did she know that I needed it SO SOON??!!! Well, here is what I got to come home too...!!!
The note said:
dear Tamra,
Thanks for entering my Pay it Forward giveaway. After blog stalking you a while, here are a few things I've learned about you:
♥ You love Purses
♥ You have uniquely talented toes
♥ You're a dancer
♥ You can't keep up on laundry
Its been such fun getting to know you!! So I got you some things that fit perfectly with what I've learned about you:
A purse for your obsession
(, I am not obsessed, just because I LOVE purses, and I can't get enough purses, and just because I like to have purses, and just because they are SOO cute, and just because....)
pedicure kit for your special toes
(I bet you wish your toes could be so cool!!)
Laundry supplies for the never ending piles of clothes to be washed
(Boy is that an understatement...)
A CD of my favs for you to move to
(I have to say that Carebear has some AWESOME taste...!! Whoot Whoot)
And candy for your kids!!
(Is it okay that I had some too??)
Hope you enjoy!! ♥ Carebear @ Two under Two. Whew!
Well, I sooooo enjoyed getting this!! It was such a great surprise!

Your card couldn't have said it better...