Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I like big Butts and I cannot lie... we were at Lagoon a couple of weeks ago for my dance competition. How it works is there are a bunch of tents at the back of the park where the teams meet, and basically call home for the day. I was there for a good 5 or 6 hours getting dancers ready, practicing, and you name it....

Brian was in charge of the kids...all four of know, the ones who are begging to go on rides but can't because they are there waiting and watching dancers all day...Ya...those ones!! I have to say that my hubby is a superstar when it comes to being a serious Mr. Mom all day!! (You rock baby!! )

Back to the story...well, I finally got done with the official business, and it is time to take the kids all on rides! I took Blazer on his first ride on a Carousel...SO CUTE!! He screamed and screamed at me thinking I was punishing him by sitting on the dang horse...and then it moved...and he was in awe...!! Thus sparked his enthusiasm to go on more rides. We have a fabulous stroller that holds up to three of our kids when positioned "Just So" but he was so into the rides that we ended up just carrying him to ride after ride after ride.

A couple hours go by, and he is getting cranky, so I tell Brian we should change and feed him. I go to check his diaper to find only his bare necessities under his shorts... (a.k.a. privacies, named by our three year old who sings to himself..."nobody can touch my privacies...!!" ) (hey, at least we are trying to teach our kids some standards...) NO DIAPER!!! What??!! The kid had on shorts with NO DIAPER!! Oh my basically, we had...
The funny thing was I had recalled seeing a diaper in the "tent area" and just thought to myself..."Oh sweet!! Brian changed Blazer's diaper!!" Apparently I was WAY OFF....I still can't figure out how he managed to get his diaper off through his shorts.


I did...

Well, the moral of this story is...although I like big doesn't matter what size it is if there is potentially something coming out of it that may land on me...aaaaaaaand babies posses such bizarre, interesting talents that they puzzle even the most trained of parents...(yes...that was a reference to myself...I DO have four kids ya know....)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh where oh where have I been...??

Well, busy, that's for sure!!

Last week we were in Utah for our dance competition! We went to my brother's house for the first couple of days, and spent time with his family. I got to see him skate for the first time since we were kids, and I have to say that my brother has some mad skills!! I was pretty impressed! It was really cool to spend some time with them...we haven't really ever done that pathetic or what??

Anyhow, Oakley had a birthday, so we cooked my mom's special twinky cake...and quietly partied since by the time we got to her cake, it was after 10 o'clock at night...and there were kids sleeping...! Yes, I will pose for my mother of the year picture now...

The competition went fairly well. The day had a rough start though. I had to get up at 5am, and over to another hotel by 6am to begin getting one of my teams ready. They danced at 8:30, and although that seems like plenty of isn't. We got the girls ready as quickly as possible, and headed over to Lagoon....just like EVERYONE else. The lines were rediculas. By the time I got back to where we needed to be, it was time to go on stage!! This is Nationals may I remind is so important to have time to focus and go through the dance several times....not because they don't know it, but because when you are in that kind of situation, hurrying and stressing, it is hard to slow down and re-direct your energy...well, we didn't have time for that, and sadly enough, they didn't do well at all. It was so frustrating as a director. We all got up so early to prepare and be ready, just to not be ready...!! I guess it comes with the territory...

On a better note though, Two of the teams took first, one took second, and then that morning team took third. ( The judging is different than standard 1st, 2nd, 3rd...) In their level, one team gets first, and then your scores qualify you for second or thirds. I know...weird...

ANYWAYS...overall, the day had it's ups and downs, but over-all was great!

Since then, I have been busy doing the baby slings and planning the summer...I think it is filled already....and it hasn't even started yet!! But...if you know know I like it should be great!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Polydactyl....not to be confused with Teradactyl...

Okay, so I would like to introduce the newest member of the household....Lani!! A couple weeks ago I was teaching dance in the studio. When we finished class, we sat down and chatted for a bit, and all the sudden a mouse goes zooming across the floor like this....ZOOOOOOM!!! (I know...the sound effects astound me as well!!) It was crazy!! We shrieked and started putting our feet up on the chairs like we were elephants or something!! Who knew that people are just as spooked by mice??!!!

Well, I thought it was sick! But not as sick as those disgusting mouse traps that snap the mouse guts all over the place. Just what I would want to find...Blazer getting into a mouse trap with a dead mouse in it....NO THANKS...I choose the throne of death and stench!!!!! Not only that...all I could envision even if he didn't get into it was blood and guts on my studio floor!! SOOOOOO....I opted to get a sweet little fur ball instead. A widdle tiddy tat!!! Like I said, her name is Lani, and she is a polydactyl!! What does that mean you ask?? (insert anxious enthusiasm here) Well, she has extra toes on her front two feet...fifteen total!! So cute!! Looks like she has thumbs! She was also the runt, her mama didn't seem to want her! Crazy momma...she is really so sweet, and so patient with our kids...As you will soon see!! It took a bit for our giant of a dog to realize that she wasn't big enough to play, and now they are great friends. He lets her play with his tail, and they are getting along great!! As my brother said, now we have the biggest dog imaginable, and the smallest cat...HAHA!! And as I told him...We LOVE randomness!!

We just love this little kitty!! See??

And so does Blazer....SEE??!!!!

Yes...we are having some problems with the baby. He thinks she is like a real live stuffed animal. He grabs her, picks her up (generally by the neck) and when we come running saying "no no" he quickly chucks her onto the floor and laughs....!! Poor kitty!! He really does love her, he just doesn't get it...he is only 14 months!! Sigh...hopefully she will live long enough to kill that mouse of ours!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Un-natural, Natural Glow...!!

Okay, only cause I said I would....Here is my personal "Tanning cream 101" class...!!

I suffer from whiteness, and pasty you?? I get so tan in the summer, and by September have albino legs...I is UNFAIR! Why I can't hold that lovely summer on me longer, I will never know. We had family pictures last September, and I actually paid for the Mystic Tan, and went twice. To tell you the gosh honest truth...I was NOT impressed. I paid $30, which was half off, and was an odd color, and parts of me were streaked!! wHaT???!!! lame...Luckily, it didn't show on the pictures, but I decided that was a ginormous waste of money for sure! Since then, I have come up with my own personal concoction which has worked GREAT!! I haven't had the best luck in the past with at home bronzers and tanning products....and then I got this idea:

I mix Ocean Potion's Ever Glow lotion (with gentle skin darkeners):

With Neutrogena's Instant Bronze Sunless Tanning Foam in Deep (two shades darker)(this picture isn't the instant bronze bottle, but it was the only one I could find...):
Directions according to Muah:

1. Shower, and scrub skin with a washcloth to exfoliate...don't forget to use soap you sicko...

2. Dry yourself, and make sure you're really dry (walk around naked singing "I'm a Little Teapot")

3. put a small amount of lotion on your hands and a squirt of the foam, and mix them in your hands.

4. Apply in circular motions around the desired body part...If you must know I start with my lower left leg, then my right. My upper left leg, then my right. My left forearm, and then my right, my upper left arm, then my right, and then my chest and stomach...

Tips: - Make sure to rub it in completely. The bronzer is great for seeing
where you have been, and where you need to fix.
- Go lightly over rough skin....elbows, knees, etc
- If you get a darker spot, simply add a tiny bit of lotion and rub it in
- A little lotion goes a long way, and the more lotion you use, the longer
you will be rubbing it in
- On your arms, after rubbing the two together, only use one hand per
arm...that is all you can reach anyhow...!!!

5. WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!! This is the tricky part! You need to have an old toothbrush, or a nail brush. I soap up my hands without water, or with very little water first. Then I scrub my palms and insides of fingers with the brush and soap. It has bronzer, so you can see once you have gotten it all. DONT scrub the fronts of your hands, or you will have white hands and tan arms....WEIRD...!!

6. Now that you took the time to wash your hands, your body should be dry, so go and get some clothes on before your curious three year old comes in to tell you that he has boobies just like you...

7. Enjoy!! I do this on a daily - every other day basis. It seems dark the first time you do it, but the only thing I have ever been asked is if I have been tanning...and I can say "nope"...Course, now Brian jokes with me every time I get out of the shower, he says..."you going tanning now??"

Well, here are my glowing results...sorry you had to see me in short shorts...I figured you wanted to see a little results though...which would inevitably require seeing some skin....better than my string bikini and Thong!!!!!!

Well, hope you have as much luck as I do!! Happy ALMOST summer!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Table Dancing...

Well, these days, this seems to be happening at a younger and younger age. I turned around to find my OWN son in on the act. GASP!! (Okay, I didn't gasp, but it was for the sake of the story....) Well, he is naughty though. He just will NOT quit climbing and getting into things!! (ie trash, dog water, toilet, and newly released...recycling and kitty litter...!!!) I really DO watch the child, but there are five to six doors that must remain shut at all times of the day in order to keep this mischievous child from exploring the unknowns in these said places....personally, I would rather NOT know what lurks in my trash can, but he being 13 months, AND a boy, finds it absolutely and undeniably intriguing!!

Well, at the very least, this table is a small table compared to the bunk beds he escapes to climb on! I was blogging (hahaha...big surprise) one day, and I heard him laughing and carrying on, and I turned around to find this "table dancing" going on to the music of my blog!!! Now, I know I am a dance teacher and all, but these moves he came up with all on his own! What a cutie little boy!! He sure knows how to shake that little booty of his!!