Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 Men and a little party...

Okay, so I am either REALLY bad at choosing gifts, or I have a dork of a husband...BUT I say, if he is going to pose like this, then it means HE WANT EVERYONE TO SEE IT!!!

Brian turned 28 this month...yep, an OLD MAN NOW!! I decided to get him a practical gift for his birthday (stuff he needs that he refuses to buy)...Look how excited he was...what a good birthday boy...

(I love you honey, but you really are white and nerdy...!!!)

The next birthday boy was Carter...He turned the big 8....(gasp)...he got the cake of his dreams made by none other than his Papa!!  I love that he makes the kids cakes....they look forward to it!!  Wonder how he will do with princesses...hahaha...start thinkin now Papa...

Well, here are some pics of his fun party....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tonight's gonna be a good good GOOD night...!!!

This weekend....we grown women showed teens how to REALLY be a teenager...!!  Sigh...."New Moon"!!

Yep, we had been waiting ALL YEAR LONG for this to come out, and had a big event was SUCH A BLAST

We all went to TGI Fridays for a pre-movie snack, and then it was on to the theater...where all the magic happens!!  We were fully equipt with an action figure sized Edward, a Maniquin head sportin' real locks, and a whole bunch of Edward droolin' ladies ready for some fun!!

Here is a look into our glorious night...

Me and "Edward"


Lindsay and I...and Edward...hehe

Jenna, "Lou Lou" (the head...great for scaring unexpected bystanders), and Me!!
Jenna made these shirts!!  Thanks I LOVE IT!!!  Above the white writing it actually says O.C.D. in can see it in some of the other pics...

My Sister-In-Law, Me, and "Lou Lou"

Me and Molly

Me and Lynda

This would be the part of the night just before the movie started where I thought it would be a grand idea to start a Theater-wide WAVE!!!  It worked...I didn't think anyone would listen to me when I shouted "HEY!!!"...but then I realized there were hundreds of people staring at the crazy pregnant lady...HAHA...It was a huge success...Hopefully I embarrassed someone in the process!!

Part of our group waiting for the big moment...!!

We stayed up WAY past our bedtime, but OH WHAT FUN WE HAD!!!  I even had one of the teenagers tell me that I was their new mom...!!!  That must mean I successfully made a complete fool out of myself...YESSSS!!!  My only regret is not getting more pictures with more people...there were about 40 in our group!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


First of all, I am disappointed...the camera that we have known and loved for the last five years, well, it is gettin old and it's losing it's eyesight...!!  I am having a really hard time getting pictures that will turn out clear...AHHH!! 

I did manage however to get a few of my cutie little kids on Halloween night.  They were so fun!!!  The older kids RACED to each door, and I was in the trails hollering for them to "wait for the baby!!"  Darn little Blazer did NOT get the whole "Trick-or-Treating" concept.  Our night started like this:

First house...I am excited and try to walk him up to the door with the other kids...he throws a "Holy Terror Fit" and I end up dragging him by one arm and eventually pick him up.  When we are at the door I try setting him down where he collapses into a full blown feet thrashing tantrum.  I try showing him the candy, but he is SOOO over it...

Second house...Carry him up to the him the candy.  Put him down so he can get some....BIG FAT FIT...

Third house...give up...

Eventually I was able to show him that he would get candy out of the deal, and then he would be fine as long as both fists had a piece of candy in it.  At one point he decided to prance up to a door, where his new trend was to drop the candy in his hands and get two new fistfuls.  I then had to pick up the candy off of the porch, and put it in his pumkin basket.  This is how the rest of the night went.  FINALLY at the second to last house, he realized that he could put the candy in his pumkin and it wasn't going anywhere....BUT he still insisted on being the one to get the candy out of everyone's bowls.  He wouldn't let anyone get it for him...!! 

Luckily everyone thought he was the cutest little boy on the street, and I think he scored extra candy for are the few pictures I was able to get...

Walking up to a house...

My "Trick-or-Treators"
Elizabeth Swan (from Pirates of the Caribbean), a Leopard, Jack Sparrow, and Davey Jones

Blazers own way of "Trick-or-Treating"

Monday, November 2, 2009

Parents Gone Wild...

I think my favorite tradition of the year is our Annual Halloween Party!! Last year was the first one we planned at our house...we had black lights, and rocked out on Rockband all night!! SO FUN!...This year...well, we had to top last year right??

So we had some DJ equipment that I use for my studio, and we found some AWESOME party lighting!! I was so excited! Just having those lights made the party feel "happenin". We definately did the black lights again since they were so fun the year before, and we had food and played games...

We did some Limbo... How low can ya go...?

A big dance know the one...where everyone takes a turn showin' off their stellar moves in the middle...?? THAT was fun!

And then the guys came up with this "other" person stands in the middle of all the guys, and they freefall, and trust that they will be caught and pushed around the circle...darn game was SO FUN!!! It was funny watching them push the guys was definately harder...;)

Well, we partied all night as if none of us had kids....funny thing is that we all have between 2 - 5 each...!!