Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Un-natural, Natural Glow...!!

Okay, only cause I said I would....Here is my personal "Tanning cream 101" class...!!

I suffer from whiteness, and pasty you?? I get so tan in the summer, and by September have albino legs...I is UNFAIR! Why I can't hold that lovely summer on me longer, I will never know. We had family pictures last September, and I actually paid for the Mystic Tan, and went twice. To tell you the gosh honest truth...I was NOT impressed. I paid $30, which was half off, and was an odd color, and parts of me were streaked!! wHaT???!!! lame...Luckily, it didn't show on the pictures, but I decided that was a ginormous waste of money for sure! Since then, I have come up with my own personal concoction which has worked GREAT!! I haven't had the best luck in the past with at home bronzers and tanning products....and then I got this idea:

I mix Ocean Potion's Ever Glow lotion (with gentle skin darkeners):

With Neutrogena's Instant Bronze Sunless Tanning Foam in Deep (two shades darker)(this picture isn't the instant bronze bottle, but it was the only one I could find...):
Directions according to Muah:

1. Shower, and scrub skin with a washcloth to exfoliate...don't forget to use soap you sicko...

2. Dry yourself, and make sure you're really dry (walk around naked singing "I'm a Little Teapot")

3. put a small amount of lotion on your hands and a squirt of the foam, and mix them in your hands.

4. Apply in circular motions around the desired body part...If you must know I start with my lower left leg, then my right. My upper left leg, then my right. My left forearm, and then my right, my upper left arm, then my right, and then my chest and stomach...

Tips: - Make sure to rub it in completely. The bronzer is great for seeing
where you have been, and where you need to fix.
- Go lightly over rough skin....elbows, knees, etc
- If you get a darker spot, simply add a tiny bit of lotion and rub it in
- A little lotion goes a long way, and the more lotion you use, the longer
you will be rubbing it in
- On your arms, after rubbing the two together, only use one hand per
arm...that is all you can reach anyhow...!!!

5. WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!! This is the tricky part! You need to have an old toothbrush, or a nail brush. I soap up my hands without water, or with very little water first. Then I scrub my palms and insides of fingers with the brush and soap. It has bronzer, so you can see once you have gotten it all. DONT scrub the fronts of your hands, or you will have white hands and tan arms....WEIRD...!!

6. Now that you took the time to wash your hands, your body should be dry, so go and get some clothes on before your curious three year old comes in to tell you that he has boobies just like you...

7. Enjoy!! I do this on a daily - every other day basis. It seems dark the first time you do it, but the only thing I have ever been asked is if I have been tanning...and I can say "nope"...Course, now Brian jokes with me every time I get out of the shower, he says..."you going tanning now??"

Well, here are my glowing results...sorry you had to see me in short shorts...I figured you wanted to see a little results though...which would inevitably require seeing some skin....better than my string bikini and Thong!!!!!!

Well, hope you have as much luck as I do!! Happy ALMOST summer!!


Kristina P. said...

I never have good luck with selftanners, and then I get lazy and forget to reapply! You look great, though!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh I must try this! I'm always looking for a way to get tan and after having my friggin mole removed I've been basically banned from the sun!

Thanks for such a great idea! Looks great on you so I must try, thanks for helpin out a fellow blondy!

Missy said...

Looks good! I never get the self tanner applied corretly! Thanks for stopping by!

The Yearsley's said...

Oh come on girl...I wanted to see the string bikini and thong!!! :)Well, you look good and bronzed! Where do you come up with these ideas!? Oh and I was curious if you apply it to your face too? Nothing worse than a tan body with a white face!

Nicole said...

You look fabulous girl! I'm going to have to try it. I leave for Vegas next weekend and I swear I glow in the dark!

Trina said...

String bikini and thong huh?....curious. lol.

Jim and Mandy said...

Wow, looks like your concoction worked pretty good. I will have to try it. You look beautiful!

The Q said...

I love glow lotions, but not the ones with self-tanner in them. Honestly, I've tried a half dozen self-tanning lotions and every one of them made me orange. So the best thing for me is to just use a lotion with a shimmer to it which gives my skin a pretty sheen without any obnoxious color. My favorite this year is called Glamour Girl and its all natural with essential oils--and it has shea butter which makes it actually good for the skin.