Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fix it...Missed it??

Well, who knows...I don't. There is this new site that I have been checkin out, and I decided to have a try at one of their little projects. It is called Fix-it Fridays. It isn't Friday, and I may have missed it, but it isn't a contest anyhow, it is just for fun. Basically, they choose a photo, and want to know what people do to, here is what I did...

Okay, here is the origional photo:

And here are the different things I did with it
using my favorite program as of now...Microsoft Picture It!

I do have to say that I enjoy playing with pictures as well as taking them. It is amazing where a little creativity can take you...anyways, hope you enjoy the picture of a random "cutie-pie"...

Which one is your favorite??


klynch said...

love the second one! that software is too cool! thanks for stopping by my page!

Sheryl said...

I agree w/ klynch, I like the 2nd one best. I love playing with and taking pictures too. It's amazing the thinks you can do.

Have a great day.

Stamps Family said...

Hi Tamra!

How fun to find your blog! It is fantastic! You are so creative, in so many ways! It is wonderful to see and hear about your darling family!
My girls are doing great with their celiac. They have been very positive about it so far.
Amy and 5 of her kids have it so they have been a lot of help. Lacey/Celestia had eye surgery at Primary Childrens and is doing great!
How is the rest of your family?
Thanks so much for being in touch!
Love, Jenny

Thatcher family said...

I liked them all! I can't decide. So Picture It, huh? I'll have to mess with that more I guess.

Kristina P. said...

I really like the last picture!!

Nicole said...

She is beautiful anyway you look at her! I love all of them. I have turned into such a picture freak, it's ridiculous!

Deborah Austin said...

I have to say that I really like the black and white one, her eye's just stand out. That is so cool.

Well about the coupon thing that is cool that you have been doing it sorry I put the wrong address in the post the right address is on the left side of my blog and it is under websites I like and it is a thrifty mom so go click on that... tons of info.

If you want to go to the class you do have to sign up. Under that same tab websites I like go to the one that says live by the coupon (not the blog) and on her side bar to the right you will find her free classes just go click on the one on March 31st in caldwell it is from 7-8 and then come go that would be so awesome!

Bri said...

I can't decide between the second and third ones. But they are all great. Looks like a fun project! She is beautiful.

The Yearsley's said...

Oh man those are so good! I probably have to say the last one is my favorite.