Sunday, March 8, 2009

My baby is GONE!!!

Well, I think Birthdays are kinda time sensitive, so I better get this posted before TOO long right?? Yes, Blazer turned one....(cries). I was so dreading it the day before too!! If you don't already know, I mourn the passing of years. Some people are so excited about their children learning and growing, and I am just so scared that I will wake up one day 84 years old, and when that will I even remember a fraction of these completely short little minuscule years....???!!! Well, whether I like it or not, it has to happen, so I pulled myself together and was a happy mom for his birthday (it also helped when a friend told me that she cries every time her babies turn two...cause they REALLY aren't babies then...So, I have one more year...right??!!)

When sweety boy got up, Oakley, Parker and I went in and sang him "Happy Birthday". He was so excited, and was just dancing in his crib, so we sang it twice more...!! It was also a very special day cause LaLa was comin' to visit!! So we picked her up from the airport, and after all the craziness of the after school mayhem, we baked a cute cake....Lemon Twinkie Cake...YUMMMM...!! And then had a little birthday party fit for a little guy...

Here is a glimpse of our little event....

Wow...For me??!!

Um...I am supposed to...What now???

So....I think I'll just eat it...will that put it out???

This is some GOOD stuff!


Ripping things...YAY!!!

Lala Helping!

Well, when he was gettin full (or SOME-THING) maybe a little sugar loaded, he decided to do this (sorry about the sideways is right-side-up on my program!!!):


This one is of his silliness opening presents...!!



Kristina P. said...

I need some cake right now!~

And I usually have my speakers off, but Yoko Ono popped up! Love BNL. Even though they just kicked Steven out of the band. I guess they don't like crack use.

Nicole said...

Awww looks like he had a blast! I was so sad when my last one turned 2, he just not a baby anymore!
My contest ends tonight, if you haven't entered get going, if you win it will lift your spirits!!!!

Thatcher family said...

Too cute! Happy Birthday Blazer!

em said...

um, i think you may have told me this already, but when did your little man turn 1? do our babies have the same birthday??

klynch said...

too cute Happy Birthday!!

The Yearsley's said...

What a little stud!!! HE's so sweet! It's hard to believe he's one already! Crazy how time flies!

Young Momma said...

Incredibly cute!!!! I felt that way whenever my kiddos turned one too! :)

cynthi said...

Happy Birthday Blazer!

Yes, I still think of my kids as babies until 2 years. You've still got another year before you can mourn.

Deborah Austin said...

Happy Birthday Blazer I know this was a hard day for you, I admit I hate seeing my babies grow up too. You are a great mom too and looks like you made it so special. What a cute little guy and you did a great job on the cake.