Monday, September 1, 2008

Our kids!!

Well, I want to take a minute to tell you about our kids!! They truly are the "Lord's children" but then again...aren't we all??

Carter...Carter's clothing...Our oldest and six. He is our sensitive, serious one. He cares about what his friends think of him, and his "cool hairs." He is an expert in the things he cares about, but needs a motivator and a support to get through the tasks of life.

Oakley...Oakley sunglasses...Our oldest daughter...five going on fifteen. So sweet, and so stubborn. She is definitely prone to athleticism. We love her powerful drive and her endless compassion. I only hope that someday I will understand what makes that girl tick.

Parker...Parker Brother games...Two and in charge. This little man knows exactly what he wants. He is our fun loving jokester, and his brand fits him to a "T" His smile and laugh makes even the littlest of babies light up with joy!

Blazer...Portland Trailblazers, Chevy Blazer...5 months and counting. He is our charming fearless child. Our newest game is scaring the giggles out of him!! His whole little body startles, and then the laughter follows. That will never get old!!

Our children laugh hard, play hard & fight hard, each one possessing such different traits and character. This is going to be such a wild ride!!

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