Monday, September 1, 2008

Hey Haus!! Horse??

We are really excited about our new family dog. We have had some struggles in the past with animals. Our first dog in this house, Sadie, got away when we thought it would be a great idea to give her a friend. Well, he just taught her how to get out, and they were never seen or heard from again... I checked for weeks at the shelter, in the deceased books, in the foster homes for pets...nothing...She was a good dog...we would still take her back in a heartbeat...

Then there was Cage. The little cockerspaniel with big problems!! He had a lot of hair, and allergens, which Parker had a huge problem with. We had that dog for a year. And Parker had some major skin problems, and kept gettin hives. Well, we realized it was the dog. We also realized that though the kids really loved him, it wasn't worth him being miserable, so we gave him to a family who had been wanting a cocker for quite some time...

Well, Brian's dream dog has always been an English Mastiff. I never really understood why...they were huge and just drooled everywhere right?? Well, yes...sort of. We met Haus (well Chaos origionally) a while ago, and fell in love. He is 3/4 English Mastiff and 1/4 Great Dane.....those of you who can do really good math, know that, that equation = HUGE DOG (weighing in at 130lbs)!!! We knew that it wouldn't matter if we liked him, if Parker would have a problem though...and luckily, after visiting him...HE WAS FINE!! So, we took him home, and have enjoyed him ever since!! He is the biggest, most gentle, not that drooly horse...I mean dog that we have ever had. I AM A BELIEVER!!! I can't believe what a good boy he is. He is two, and loves the kids, loves to be right by you, and is so calm!! AAaaahhhh...So nice!! Ever since we got him, the kids wake up and ask..."Can we go down and see the tiger??!!" They call him Tiger, but we renamed him from Chaos...(which didn't fit him at all) to Haus! And Haus is here to stay!!

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Andrea said...

Hi, Jodie sent me your blog. I think we have your dog's brother. Ours is named Zues. I don't know how much he weighs, last time was when he was 6 months and he was 106lbs.
Your family is adorable.