Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What a Man!!!???

HA hA Ha!!! Why oh why is my husband married to me....well, he may be asking that himself right now as he is mortifyingly reading this post...HEHEHEHE!!! I have to say, I have never laughed so out loud at 2:00am as I did making this white elephant picture!! We had a Christmas party last Saturday, and there was a gift exchange...and in my randomness...I thought i would find a naked statue, and plaster a face of brian on funny!! But then, I got a better one....BODY BUILDER!!! Whooo hooo!! I was one loopy "drunk actin" giddy girl! I am surprised I didn't wake everyone. Well, I sent my finished product to Costco, and was so excited to pick it up, but when i got there...they told me there was a copyright on the picture!! AHHHH!!! So apparently the picture I got online had a copyright label on the bottom...(of all the things I photo-shopped...I couldn't cut that off??!!!) So anyways, they continued to pull the picture out and explain, in front of the great masses of people trying to pick up Christmas cards I am sure, why they cant let me have my copyrighted picture. I then had to beg and plead that it was for a white elephant party. Well, after much deliberation, a talk to a manager, and a sworn promise not to sell my husband...they cut the copyright off the bottom, and after a few laughs...I got my picture!!

I went home, and found a beautiful frame to put him in, and then wrapped an entire ball of yarn around it...I know, pain in the butt, what can I say??!!

Well, come to find out, my picture was the first gift to be opened, out of 18 gifts!! It was SOOOO bad!! Brian had asked me what we were bringing before-hand, so that he knew when our present was opened, and I just told him that it was some picture frame thing!! Well, it was....SORT OF!!! I wish I had brought my camera so that everyone could have seen his face...stunned, I think a little pleased, dismay, envy, shock, and maybe a bit smug....!! Well, the way you play, is that the next person can either pick an opened present, or a new one. Not all of the presents were gag gifts, so I am sure the poor girl who got the picture was a little concerned....NOPE!! Another wife in the room actually snatched the picture up!! She claimed that she wanted the frame...but who can deny a picture like that??!! LOL....just kidding! I think she did want the frame...right?? Just the frame...she just wanted the fra..........hmmmmmmm

I guess all in all, I must have done a good enough photo-shopping job, because one of the couples that we didn't know actually thought Brian may have been a body builder....he was very impressed. I laughed when we had to tell him it wasn't real!! Hopefully you all get a laugh too!!!! Sorry babe.....I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I COULD JUST DROOL!!!


cynthi said...

I really need a wallet of that so I can take it everywhere. Forrest

The Yearsley's said...

HAAAAAAAA! lol! That is the funniest thing ever! I would have loved to see the look on Brians face when that gift was opened!!!! Girl- you are freakin hilarious! And quite creative-might I add!

A.Lee said...

Okay, you are too funny. And I can't believe Costco let you cut the copyright off!!! Wow. You guys will be laughing about that gift when you're in your 80s, I'm sure.

Rose said...

TAMARA! You are so hilarious! How do you come up with this stuff?! I'm still laughing!