Sunday, July 12, 2009


WOW...I thought my summer would be nice and relaxing...a chance to hang out with the kids in the sun, sleep in, do leisurely activities...etc. UUUURRRCHHHH!!! (the sound of my fantasies coming to a complete and utter HAULT!!)

Here is what I have been doing, and why I cannot seem to find the time to blog about it!!

I had the opportunity to go up to girls camp with the young women in our ward as the Camp Director. It was so amazing, and I learned SO much from them. I can't wait to plan and go again next year!! REALLY!!

I got called as the Mia Maids advisor, which I was super excited about...but then quickly realized that the last and only time I have ever taught anyone was about 7 1/2 years ago, and they were 6 year olds...!! (insert panic here) I am glad to have this opportunity to learn and grow though, and it will force me to be studying all throughout the week!!

The kids have been in swimming lessons four days a week. It is great to see them swimming, and learning to be avid in the water. Plus, it gives me the peace of mind that they won't drown if I chase a baby who thinks he can just run straight into the water with no consequences!!

My studio got to be a part of the Caldwell City Fourth of July Parade!! I didn't tell anyone about it because I didn't know what to expect, and didn't want everyone to have to drive all the way out here for nothing...! ON THE CONTRARY!! It was really cool! We had a lot of fun, and I was super impressed with the parade itself! It was quite an event! I will be inviting everyone next year!!

I had my ten year high school reunion this weekend (yeah, I know...I am old!!) (hahaha)...and survived!! There was drama, fun, weirdness, happiness, stress, anxiety, confusion, excitement, blabbing, and all else that could be expected with people you went to High School with!! It was really fun to go though, and I really did enjoy seeing people that I haven't had a chance to see in a while.

Next week, I am excited to get to go on a three day hiking, rafting, camping excursion with the youth group again! Hopefully we make it out alive...!!

We have been going up to the Lake on a weekly basis again. SO AWESOME!! The three oldest kids have been on the boogy board every time too! Parker the three year old is LOVING the tube rides and laughs every time he goes over big bumps! He is really getting brave in the water!

About four weeks ago, I began couponing. Now, you may think that this is just a small task, but those of you who truly know what I mean by "couponing" know how much time and effort this can take. I get five Sunday papers, research about three blogs, have a binder full of coupons that must be organized weekly, and have been saving a great deal of money doing this. I have logged every one of my shopping trips since I have started, and the worst I have done is 70% off of my groceries. I have to say that happiness is a full pantry, and I was so excited to get a freezer to fill!! I hope to get so much better, and help those around me do the same!!

This last week I chopped off 7 inches of my hair!! I forgot how easy and fun short hair can be, and I am enjoying the drastic change!!

Lastly, we will be going on a week long camp/family reunion the end of this month for Brian's family. We started the tradition last year, and I think Brian's parents felt pressured, and possibly slightly guilty and decided to continue it again this year...HOORAY!! We love it, and whether they like it or not...IT IS GOOD FOR THEM!! LOVE YOU!!!

Well, I hope that updates you enough for now...!! I guess I didn't have that much going on...I am just a big slacker!!!


Nicole said...

Cute hair cut! I love it.

We havent had much down time either. Baseball finally ended so I'm excited to have my weekends back. I should have done swim lessons this year but I just missed out I guess. Oh well.

Kristina P. said...

You look beautiful!

And I refuse to go to any of my reunions. High School was horrible for me.

em said...

LOVE your new dew! cut mine as well. it's TOO hot for long hair for me.

Maria said...

Great Blog! Hope you have a great time camping, it sounds like fun.

A.Lee said...

Love your hair cut. Heath wants me to get mine cut shorter. I was a little out of it and thought Tamara S got called as Mia Maids advisor--this makes so much more sense! Hope you have fun on your reunion camping!

And the gutter face is ... um, a little scary. How do kids survive their curiosity?

Laura said...

Miamaids is so fun. I do that too, it's been two years for me. I love my girls, even the ones who are now laurels. They grow up so fast.
Okay, major jealous of the summer fun babe. Uhm, does laundry and dishes count for summer activities? I know. My non-lake boring life.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh your hair looks awesome! I so wish I could pull off short hair, you are too cute!

I have my 10 year high school reunion this Saturday! I'm a little anxious I guess, we didn't have a 5 year so I don't know what it'll be like.

Was your reunion formal, semi-formal or casual? Ours is semi-formal and I have no idea what to wear!!


cynthi said...

It is a busy summer! I know I already told you, but I seriously love the hair.
And I love that picture of the girls. It made me laugh because it totally shows each of the girls' personalities.

Melissa said...

You are cute! I can't believe it has been 10 years. That means mine has been... much longer. I've missed all our reunions. Maybe I'll make it to our *gasp* 20th in a few more years. Choke choke.
I'm seriously impressed on the couponing. I have to ask though, do you plan meals, or just make them from what is in the pantry? I've struggled with getting it to work for me. Can't seem to have dinner on toothpaste and salad dressing. ;)

Thatcher Family said...

Sheesh ARE busy! And all this not to mention all the daily crap one goes through just living life with 4 kids, right?! ;) Holy cow. I guess I'll let you slide and not bug you about coming to AZ to visit too! :P Not sure how you'd fit that in!

Well, we miss ya! Keep having fun!

The Yearsley's said...

Hey...thanks for the update! You HAVE had a busy summer! Sounds like it's mostly been fun stuff at least! And I'm sooo excited to have you with us in the mia maids! Cynthia couldn't have chosen a better person for this calling! It just gives us an excuse to hang our more!! And I know the girls will just love you- heck they already do! I love the pic of the girls at camp...that Neicia is quite the character!

Trina said...

Thanks for taking my girls to the lake. They loved it. McKenna still thinks it's funny that your fil yells and you didn't know Kevin does, lol.

BTW, your lesson Sunday was impressive. You're awesome with the girls. I'm glad my girls get to have you. Jenna's right, that Neicia is quite the character. I'm not sure where my kids get that. She'll be one of your mia maids very soon. Brace yourself.

Millennium Housewife said...

So...with all that on I suppose we won't be hearing from you for a while!

Anonymous said...

Haha.. remember the 11th ward girls camp.. I think I went to more of those than I did scout camps.. HUH?! haha. Good times.