Sunday, February 1, 2009

Six Hours Later...

Today we stayed in because we had sick children...and I hid myself in a closet, and went through pictures...a little over 1600 pictures. For Mother's Day last year, Brian had all of my CD's developed up until that date. It was such an awesome, and thought provoked gift, but I had never had a chance to sit down and go through them all...until now.

It took me six hours, some smiles, and some tears...I just really was so shocked to see such drastic change in my children, my family, and our was almost scary! Time seems to go so fast, and I don't feel like I enjoy every moment the way I wish I could. I spend so much time worrying about this and that, instead of enjoying it. It was a huge reminder of living in the now. I couldn't believe how old my kids are made me realize that the next time I would be sitting there going through pictures, I could be looking at teenagers...that is a terrifying thought!!

SO...the moral of the story is...Live in the now, and love every moment, because before you know it, those moments are memories...

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